DISTRO: Gun Outfit 'Tour' Cassette

Image of DISTRO: Gun Outfit 'Tour' Cassette


On Perennial Death Records outta Olympia, USA.

Latest release, 4 track cassette for their recent tour with The Men.

Managed to get a handful of these from US. Here's what Pitchfork had to say about it:

"For their current West Coast trek with the Men, the Olympia-bred Gun Outfit has released a tour-only tape featuring a song called "Time Slips Away". It's neither a Neil Young cover nor a Willie Nelson oneā€”but, as is signature of Gun Outfit, slow-paced tinges of wearied folk and old-souled country are all over this spacious rock cassette. "Lola's Tears / Buried Deep" is sung by guitarist Carrie Keith with lyrics by Lola B. Pierson, a playwright in Baltimore: "Got a map/ But X don't mark the spot," Keith sings. The melancholy twang of her voice injects so much broken-spirited heartbreak that, coupled with the steel guitar, it errs on a sad kind of ecstasy. Like last year's Hard Coming Down, it's completely engulfing if you give yourself over to it, more proof that Gun Outfit is one of the most overlooked guitar bands going."


A1. "time slips away"
A2. "song in silhouette"

B1. "lola's tears/buried deep"
B2. "end credit"