DISTRO: Scraper LP

Image of DISTRO: Scraper LP


NOTE: Corners got a little bit dinged coming all the way from LA to UK. Minor though and everything else is still awesome.

Earlier this year, Scraper put out a killer 7" on Drag City's offshoot God? Records.

Their full-length debut is out now on the new California label Cut-Rate, and it's a record full of muscular, vicious punk.

Their songs are about getting stoned, driving around in shitty cars, and skateboarding. While the lo-fi hiss surrounding their sound is sign enough that this is a trashy rock'n'roll album, they seal the deal with some laughably over-the-top violence on "Kill From the Heart": "I'm gonna kick your ass"... "You fuckin' pig, give me a drink"... "You need to be shot". It all reminds me of this guy who sat uncomfortably close to me on the bus one time and tried to intimidate me into helping him steal 90 beers. Vaguely threatening, ready to party.

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