DISTRO: SISU - Blood Tears LP

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SISU: the Finnish word for "extreme perseverance." This meaning echoes the patience and determination necessary to carry out SANDRA VU's vision. Though she has been the drummer for the LA-based bands MIDNIGHT MOVIES and DUM DUM GIRLS, with SISU, Vu holds the reigns, eliminating all peripheral distractions. The music Vu wrote was cathartic, something that helped her find peace with her reality. “Blood Tears is about the anxiety of starting over, the hangover of failure, breaking up, insecurities, self doubt, finding a voice, finding that you have a voice, speaking up and singing louder," she says. These running themes combined with a penchant for dreamy, ethereal soundscapes, and a pull towards a minimalist approach often creates the indefinable aesthetic of SISU. “I didn’t want to sound like any one thing—a shoegaze band, an electronic band, a rock band—but I did want to make pop songs with un-pop sounds,” she explains. “Whether a song starts out as noise or with an abrasive synth, I always find my way back to melody and structure.” The end result of Vu's commitment to her work is nothing short of stunning. Beautiful and devastating, accessible and challenging, graceful and angular, SISU is defined by contrast and juxtaposition. "It's a constant conversation with myself, fighting my own demons and the delusion of satisfaction," she readily admits. SISU is a window into Vu's reality, a fascinating look into the world of an artist that has gone to great lengths to achieve her craft. Touring September 2013 with Dirty Beaches. (STREET DATE - 9/17/2013)

“Total gothic pop perfection driven by a flanged bass and breathy female vocals. It sits somewhere between an early 4AD release and Siouxsie and the Banshees.”—Rough Trade