IBB027- Theo Verney 'T.V E.P.' CS

Image of IBB027- Theo Verney 'T.V E.P.' CS



Ltd to 100 Purple cassettes with risographed sleeves. Artwork by www.tatianakartomten.com

1. Blood Let
2. Waterfalls
3. Moving Forever
4.Lights Gone Out
5. Inedible
6. Endless Spiral

Theo Verney TV EP Casette. Released 15 April 2013

At 22 years old, Theo Verney is somewhat of a modern 'Renaissance Man'. His solo project's debut EP, aptly titled 'T.V E.P' was played, recorded and produced entirely by Theo at his home studio in Brighton.

A perfect mix of psychedelia, prog rock, grunge and garage rock, 'T.V E.P' provides six tracks of small but perfectly formed songs. On listening, you'd be hard pressed to tell that all this was the work of just one man.
Live however, he has been taking to the stage with the help of a full band. Recreating his EP live in all it's distorted, wah drenched glory for your listening pleasure.

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