IBB030 Seeds Of Doubt- 'DCP' cassette

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1. Nothing
2. Conversation
3. Never Gonna Change
4. There You Go
5. Since You've Been Gone

Seeds Of Doubt have been inhabiting mouldy practice rooms, strung out house parties and the kinda venues you wouldn't go on a first date for a while now. Branded No-fi, shit-pop and a bunch of other self-effacing terms its true theres a level of 'un-production' here rarely seen but behind that lies 5 songs with 5 perfect melodies, structures and references.

Already self-releasing a 12-song cassette of solo recordings by founding member Chris, these 5 tracks see an extra 3 members added as they hone their home recording skills, creating a more focused and concise sound.

Early recordings soundtracked a number of skate edits made by Nike SB and members of the band have recently soundtracked a series of films by London skate company Isle.

George Tavern, London - 23rd Jan
Stags Head, London Tape Launch w/Rodents - 26th Jan
Power Lunches, Dalston w/Dana Kunze/Max Hart/The Common - 21st Feb
Ryans Bar, Stoke Newington w/Primitive Parts and Omi Palone - 22nd Feb