IBB024- Meddicine/Vision Fortune Split 12" EP

Image of IBB024- Meddicine/Vision Fortune Split 12" EP

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Meddicine & Vision Fortune - Meddicine/Vision Fortune

Ltd 300 copies clear vinyl

1. Night Child
2. Poisons
3. With You Tonight

Vision Fortune:
1. _
2. __
3. ___
4. ____




Italian Beach Babes is super excited to be releasing a split 12” EP between analogue synth siren Meddicine, and drone noise thrashers Vision Fortune.

Meddicine is an analogue electronic artist who plays synthesizers and keyboards over a backing track of industrial soundscapes. Clattering, throbbing and oscillating her way through old sounds and new, Meddicine produces some of the darkest, most-damaged and affecting electronic music you are likely to hear on this planet or any other. Her early work dragged you stumbling down a dark alleyway into a sonic hyperventilation. Her new songs from the 12" with Vision Fortune show a wider palette of warmer sounds, luring you into her pulsing incantations with sirenlike vocals and sweet melodies.

The Vision Fortunes have produced a new set of songs that feature on the upcoming split with. These songs exude POSITIVITY and GOOD VIBES and we think you’ll have a real blast listening to them (we certainly had a blast making them!).